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About me

I’m Tom Adams from Worcester, UK and offer Product, Portrait and Landscape Photography available across the country and further.

The reason I find Photography immersive is the details and the maticulous attention to detail that comes with it. It’s an art form and something that is constantly evolving and you can always find something new to try.

I’ve always had a love for the art and will always continue too. I started with film cameras as a child and the amazement with how everything came together and the mystery in between. You’d hand your film over at Boots and be returned a pack of who knows what, that excitement still doesn’t waver, there’s just a lot less one hour photo opportunities around now. As I got older, I expressed more interest in Video and Cinema. Watching Alien when I was far too young but still adored cinema and everything it did for the imagination. The massive Star Wars marathons and burning out VHS are still a highlight of my childhood.

potrait of my son in a little tikes red and yellow car

I didn’t touch anything again until 2008 in my college years and then finally my uncle gifted me my first Digital Camera and that was it. Spent all my money on new gear, new lenses and then eventually landed a part time job at London Camera Exchange in Worcester where I met some amazing people.

Jim – Dearest Love
Bear – James Greenoff
Gareth – Gareth Watson

I’m currently a full time soldier and use my job to trave across the world where I have the ability to photograph or video everythign I’m doing. Including Teaching in Ukraine, Live firing in Oman or skiing in Germany. I still heavily practise Product, Portrait and Landscape Photography and Video production.

portrait of ukrainian soldiers training

Photography and Cinematography are still a passion of mine and I’m always looking to work with individuals with an expressive mindset. Please Subscribe to the Blog or Follow me on social media for the latest.

My personal work is also for sale, there will be a shop running soon where prints will be available. But until then, please head to the Contact page to send me a Direct Message in regards to purchasing.