Taormina, Sicily.

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2015, My partner and I visited the beautiful Taormina Sicily & Isola Bella. With the perfect view of the Pearl of the Ionian Sea.

So, Where is Taormina. Being the Pearl of the Ionian sea, the city sits on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean at the North Eastern side, North of Catania. And from a majority of the city and some of the more rural farming areas, you get a beautiful view of Etna to the west. But the one thing that stands out in Taormina, is ‘Isola Bella‘. The beach hidden by the high walls of the rest of the city and dug into the island and protected from both sides by cliffs has a tear drop walkway of stones that takes you to a tiny island which has now been repurposed into a nature reserve packed with exotic plants and wildlife.

I recently did a Twitter feed with a small write up and images from my time there but felt like the place needed more.

Taormina, Sicily. Fruit Seller from a van
Fruit and veg from the back of a van. Nothing needs to change.
Children playing football. Taormina, Sicily

Everywhere you go in thie city is reminiscent of what Italy always felt like to me. Markets scattered around the city walls, pop up art galleries from small studios or even individuals and a hive of activity from the locals and that constant amazing social life you get in Italy. Beautiful coffee in the town square looking at the Church of Saint Augustine and over the railings into the Ionian Sea.

Taormina Sicily & Isola Bella

Taormina, Sicily in black and white

Isola Bella is beautiful. The house situated on the island as I metioned earlier is only reachable on foot during low tide. The pebble walkway dissapears slowly at the end of the day. You can swim to it of course but as the tide comes in, they shut the gates to the house and nature reserverun by the WWF. The house itslef felt like a labrynth. Brick walkways with flowers and vines hide you from sight. You can pick a door but it won’t take you to where you think. We definatley got lsot but it doesn’t mean you will.

I spent most of my time Shooting Black & White HP5 film through my severly cost effective Olympus OM-10, 50mm and 85mm lenses. A few weeks before I had the option to by a Leica and I wish I took the jump, but my Olympus is a workhorse that I still use today for the fun of it. Below are a selection images. From both the beaches and city. If your’e a bond fan you might recognise the Tunnel carved into the mountainside…

Hope you enjooyed my little throwback, or when this lockdowns over your’e ging to consider this beautful city. Climb the steps and find the point on the side of Mount Etna where the Sicilians Lemons pop up out of nowhere because the climate and ground are suddenly just perfect. The place is mesmerising and I guarentee you’d enjoy the time.

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