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After a few years away from the curve and the blog I’m back.

My Professional life has slowed so now I’m able to publish more and get back into my full time hobby. Becoming more diverse and moving further into Photography but also Cinematography/Video Production. There’s a lot I have planed and as soon as the lockdown has been eased I’m getting back to work on developing content. I’m looking forward to working with some of you again in the future.

So I bring you this….my brand new website and blog. I’ve taken this lockdown period to get back into Web Design slightly. And with the help of Brad Hussey, I’ve created this with the help of wordpress and will be looking at getting involved with communities with specific projects I have planned, but like I said, it will all be available here, so make sure you subscribe to recieve email updates.

You can follow me through any of the links below and subscribe to the website to receive updates or just head to the contact page. Also, the pictures you see available on the site from my personal work are available as prints and can be framed easily enough. Email me Direct where I can have them printed and framed for you especially.

The shop and customer area for clients looking to retrieve or store their commisions will be up and running soon enough.

here’s to a better second half of 2020 any way.

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